Developing Custom Solutions to Complex Problems

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Frustrated by Your Current Tools?

Our team of scientists, engineers, and PhDs works directly with you to understand your decision-making and analysis tools and develop tailored software to make them more effective. We specialize in approaches that will improve your efficiency and allow you to deliver better decisions at a lower cost.

Our Services

We can work with you to develop a custom engineered solution

  • Custom analysis software that integrates directly with your database
  • Custom data visualization software that integrates with your in-house tools and presentation software
  • Custom web front-ends for your in-house engineering analysis tools
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Our Tools

We specialize in evolutionary computation and the development of visual decision support frameworks

  • Evolutionary Computation: Our tools allow you to map out design tradeoffs in your engineering and planning models
  • Visualization: We can provide interactive 2D and 3D visuals that are easily adapted to your constantly changing data
  • Scheduling: We have developed diagnostic and search tools for complex, highly-constrained scheduling problems

Here are examples of some tools and capabilities we’ve developed:

DiscoveryDV δMOEA


In-house software capabilities and expertise for assigning events to time slots within highly constrained scheduling systems

  • Schedule hundreds of events to hundreds of time slots in the presence of tens of thousands of constraints
  • Handling for constraints that run across many different aspects of the scheduling decisions with complex interactions
  • Provide extensive diagnostics of constraint difficulty and interactions

If you are interested in consulting with us to help solve your scheduling problem or to provide scheduling diagnostics services, please contact us .

We Can Help

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help integrate and enhance the tools that you use for analysis on a daily basis

  • We’ll meet with you to learn more about your specific needs
  • If it seems like we can help, we’ll propose a development project with a flexible contract
  • If you like what we propose, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end-result

DecisionVis Services

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“When Fontus Blue sought a development partner for our software project, we wanted a team that provided both development and engineering expertise. DecisionVis is a unique company that could meet our strict requirements and their engineering backgrounds, in particular, made the project a resounding success!”

Chris Miller, Ph.D., PE, COO and Founder of Fontus Blue, Inc.

Our Team

Josh Kollat

Joshua Kollat, Ph.D.

CEO, Owner, & Founder

Joshua obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Penn State University. Joshua has over 10 years of experience working with visual analytics and optimization software and processes. As owner and CEO, Josh leads the company’s vision, project planning, and software/product development efforts.

Matt Woodruff

Matt Woodruff, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Matt obtained his Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Penn State University. His research expertise includes many-objective visual analytics for the design of complex engineered systems, evolutionary optimization, and product family design. As CTO, Matt is leading our R&D and software/product development efforts.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

Software Engineer

Richard obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State University. He has rapidly become a key member of the DecisionVis development team, providing expertise in data visualization and graphical interface development, as well as application integration and testing. His additional experience includes materials testing, simulation, and finite element analysis.

Jayson Kempinger

Jayson Kempinger

Software Systems Engineer

Jayson holds a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His extensive science and technology background equips him to solve our most challenging problems. Jayson is also taking the lead on systems administration here at DecisionVis, making him a valuable addition to our team.

Allison Maresh

Allison Maresh

Junior Software Engineer

Allison obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Allison's science and technology background brings a unique skill set to our team. Her industry experience provides valuable insights and an informed perspective to our software testing and documentation process.

Josh Gelman

Josh Gelman

Senior Web Developer

Josh holds Master’s degrees in Information Science and Public Administration from The University of Pittsburgh. He has extensive experience developing modern web-based applications, as well as decision support systems for emergency management.

Rick Weyer

Rick Weyer

Business Development

Rick is leading new business development. With an M.B.A, as well as degrees in Ocean and Aerospace Engineering, and extensive intellectual property management experience, Rick delivers an unparalleled combination of technical aptitude and business development strategy.

Sarah Kollat

Sarah Kollat, Ph.D.

Marketing & Sales

Sarah is a developmental psychologist with experience in digital marketing. When she's not teaching at Penn State, she brings her unique perspective to DecisionVis by leading our marketing efforts.